At FireMate we walk the talk

We understand that your success with our software goes hand in hand with the quality of our training. That is why at FireMate, Fire Industry experts provide a training methodology with specific content tailored to your business and staff.
  • Service managers being trained using FireMate Electronic Management System

    Mates for life

    Once you partner with FireMate, you have a Mate for life: Your assigned account manager will look after you from the moment you sign up with FireMate and you receive lifelong complimentary technical support either by phone or email for both office and field staff.

  • Fire Contractor being trained by FireMate

    We get it, Mate

    FireMate’s operational and training staff have a minimum of 15 years’ Fire Protection or relevant IT industry experience. This translates to us understanding your business, we know what you need to do to win the work and even more importantly, we know exactly what your team needs from a software to keep it.

We have the expertise to work as an extension of your team, ensuring our Fire Software Solutions have a strategic impact on your business.

FireMate training Fire Service Manager

Get off to the right start

This training is to prepare you and your team for the install and set-up process with FireMate. It also gives us a better understanding of your business processes and enables us to personalise your training accordingly.

Fire Technicians being trained using FireMate Field App

Make the most of FireMate

Our office staff training focuses on FireMate Desktop and the Customer Portal while techs receive comprehensive mobile device training. Management is offered guidance on how to use FireMate to its full potential including data analysis, business performance, and productivity.

Online FireMate Software training

Training that suits you

We provide training to you at a time and a place that’s convenient for you. Whether you prefer to be trained onsite or online or a combination of both, we cater for everyone.

On-site FireMate Software training on Computer

We’re here for you

Our online support team is there when you need them. Contact our Customer Service directly via phone or submit a support ticket via email – and we’ll assist you free of charge.

From strategic implementation to ongoing support, our hands-on customised training will ensure you get the best value out of FireMate.