Our fire software solutions will transform the way you manage your business.

Fire technician maintaining a fire extinguisher using FireMate mobile app

FireMate Fire Protection Maintenance Software

FireMate is a custom-built asset management software package, which has been developed specifically for the Fire Protection Industry as per the Australian Standards.

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Fire Alarm management report software in use

FireMate Remote Monitoring, powered by Nimbus

An innovative solution for fire panel service providers: Remotely monitor and review all fire alarm activity and receive fire alarm event notifications directly to your mobile phone, tablet or PC.

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The leading end-to-end software solution for your Fire Protection Business

We offer you a complete solution to key pain-points in your business by providing improved operational efficiency, innovative Fire Panel Management and easy digital access to compliance documentation.

FireMate Fire Protection Maintenance Software

Our custom-built asset management software has been designed around all versions of AS1851 and other state-based legislative requirements. 

FireMate delivers automatic compliance reporting, complete asset management and defect quoting through the simplest workflow possible. 

It helps you to enhance your business growth and overall profitability as it reduces overheads through better business processes, mitigation of risk and improved compliance.

And it’s getting better: our increasing global presence and investment in our software, development and team means greater product innovation and more opportunities for your business.


Grow from

1 to 200+ 


FireMate Remote Fire Systems Monitoring

FireMate Remote Monitoring was established by our Halma sister company LAN Control Systems (LCS) in the UK where it is known as Nimbus Notify and Nimbus Gateway. We have partnered with LCS to bring this innovative fire alarm management system to Australia.

FireMate Remote Monitoring provides fire systems monitoring, regardless of fire alarm type or manufacturer wherever you are. It communicates all activity to a cloud-hosted database, using a non-intrusive add-on to the fire alarm panel.

In case of an alarm activation on your client’s panel, you will receive an instant notification to your mobile, tablet or PC, meaning you don’t need to wait for your client to contact you to advise you of an issue.

Remote Monitoring is available as an add-on feature to FireMate and is accessible through your FireMate Dashboard.


At FireMate we don’t rest on our laurels, we strive to continuously improve our products to offer you the best software possible. Our increasing global presence and investment in our business means greater product innovation, like our newest offering FireMate Remote Monitoring.

Updates to software


Through continuous free updates, FireMate remains up to date with the relevant standards and legislative requirements, so you can be confident you are providing a compliant service. 
Also included are regular system updates as well as constant improvements to functionalities and features.


Following familiar workflows and standard business practices, FireMate is easy to use for your office staff as well as for your technicians out in the field. With functionality designed around common procedures, FireMate automates repetitive steps to reduce operational time.

Lock in Hand


We take security seriously. FireMate is hosted within one of the world’s most trusted cloud providers who offers optimal up-time and safety measures, including physical security controls and 24-hour surveillance. To identify and manage threats we do regular data security audits, so you can be assured that your data remains safe, private, and secure.

Making life even easier!

FireMate customers work successfully with these accounting packages

FireMate Fire Protection Maintenance Software

Why is FireMate different from other asset management systems?

Us. As former Fire Protection contractors and in conjunction with our world class software development team, we have built our software solution with your business in mind.

So you can be sure FireMate does exactly what you need to make your life easier and your business more efficient.

Moreover, our sole focus is on developing a product for use by Fire Protection Contractors – you!

Who uses FireMate Software?

Over 3,000 users trust FireMate to manage their Fire Protection Business. FireMate is powerful enough to be used by some of Australia’s largest Fire Protection Companies but flexible enough to suit even the smallest.

Will FireMate integrate with my accounting package?

FireMate clients work successfully with various accounting packages, including but not limited to Xero, MYOB, Quickbooks, Pronto & SAP.

How easy is it for field staff to use?

The mobile app is very easy to use. The onsite workflow has been designed so that regardless if you are a tech-savvy sparky or a sprinkler fitter with a hate for anything technical, you’ll pick up FireMate very quickly.

Does FireMate come with a barcode module?

Yes, the App can work with both barcodes and QR codes, as well as traditional asset numbers.

What sort of device do my technicians require to use FireMate in the field?

FireMate is optimised for mobile phones and tablets and it is both iOS and Android compatible.

Remote Fire Systems Monitoring

Does Remote Monitoring work on both Android and iOS?

Yes, it works on both operating systems.

What event notifications does Remote Monitoring deliver?

Remote Monitoring sends Email and/or Mobile phone notifications based on multiple different event types, including; Fire, Pre-Alarm, Fault, Isolation, Reset etc.

What information does Remote Monitoring event notifications include?

Remote Monitoring event notifications details include Site Name, Date/Time, Panel, Loop, Address, Device Description, Zone and Event Description.

How does Remote Monitoring work/communicate?

Remote Monitoring connects to the fire alarm panel and communicates all fire alarm activity to the Remote Monitoring database via Ethernet or GPRS connection.

Event notifications are sent via Email, Mobile phone application and or I.P. network.

Are there any limitations to the number of notifications and or recipients?

No, Remote Monitoring can be configured to deliver unlimited event notifications to an unlimited number of recipients.


Does FireMate help to comply with Australian Standards AS1851-2012 inspection prompts?

Yes, FireMate fire protection software is built around the requirements of Australian Standards AS1851-2012 and AS1851-2005, in fact around the requirements of all maintenance standards. 

What kind of reports does FireMate offer?

FireMate generates all scheduled maintenance reports as well as state-based sign off documents, such as System Condition Report, AESMR, NSW AFSS and QLD Occupier Statement.

Onboarding, Training and Support

Can you import my existing customer information into FireMate?

Yes, data migration is available with FireMate. We will go above and beyond to ensure we help as much as we can, however as every company has a slightly different setup, each import will vary.

How much assistance do we get with onboarding FireMate in our business?

We want to ensure you have a successful transition to FireMate and as such provide extensive training and support through this process.

What sort of training does FireMate offer?

As all FireMate training and support staff are from the Fire Protection Industry we get your business. We can provide a mixture of online and onsite training. Whatever suits your needs best.

What sort of technical support does FireMate offer?

FireMate offers free and lifelong technical support via email and phone.

If you’d like to know more, give us a call!